Wednesday, 21 December 2016

What is new in Social Media Marketing?

The social media marketing thing are not constant instead it is the reason behind changing the trends and that is the thing which keeps all our jobs interesting. Each day social media platforms are releasing new features and improving the existing ones. Social media constantly evolving with plenty of changes and strategies that should be employed in your social strategies, this will assist you stand ahead your competitors.

The popular media / topics within social media marketing are:
•    Facebook
•    Instagram
•    Twitter
•    Pinterest
•    Linkedin
•    YouTube
•    Social Media Marketing How to Guides & more

To gain the competitive edge, you need to pay attention to these social media marketing trends.

•    Live Video Streaming:  Engaging with your audience in real time through video is becoming essential to your strategy. Benefits of video streams are firstly it helps to cultivate your brand but the live video actually connects with your brand in real time which is a more powerful that content. Another benefit is that live video eases the production process.

•    Social Slideshow Ads: And for good reason, these social slideshows are popping more and more in social networks. Social slideshows will help your social audience to interact with your brand in a great way whether it is added for new winter apparels or about an upcoming conference.

•    Instagram Stories: Instagram has taken a step ahead all over snapchat. It’s an all the way to see how our community will use it to highlight their businesses on Instagram. The reaction towards this new Instagram feature was mixed by fetching a page from snapchat’s book and adding story feature at top of the feed but still facebook is a bit better.

•    Social chat: Chart is no longer just used for internal communication, but it's used in a more personalized manner to be more engaged in prospects. As these days people are more interested in actual communications so marketers need to start using chat apps to engage with their potential customers rather than posting.

Be updated with these trends so that you can be ahead of your competitors and also increase visibility and better brand awareness. For more information please do contact us.