Tuesday, 3 January 2017

Importance of sitemap in SEO| Ultimez

There is always a name of sitemap when we speak about SEO.

What is sitemap?
Sitemap as the name implies are just map of your website which shows the structure of the site. It is pretty much important element for every website; sitemap with clear goal in mind could be success driving factor to your business.

 It makes navigation easy, simple and assist user and Google to browse your site more efficiently.

Using Sitemap, you are more likely to inform Google, which section or links of your website need to be crawled and which should not. The sitemap becomes an effective communication tool for the users too.

Number of search engines uses different styles or standard format for sitemap but from the view point of Google, XML sitemap is different than ordinary sitemap for human visitors.

Why sitemap are necessary? This answer is obvious – one is for human known as HTML in text format and one is for spiders known as XML in coding format. 

Why use a sitemap:

·        It provides easy navigation and guide visitors
  ItOffers better visibility by search engines, well structured sitemap nurtures the relationship vital to the website’s prosperity.

·        It inform search engine immediately about any changes on links or orphaned pages
   New website can quickly get indexed with sitemap and will not make crawling procedures obsolete.

·        It improves sitemap indexing algorithms.

·    Building sitemap helps you identify broken links of your website and assist you fix errors quickly and efficiently.