Wednesday, 21 December 2016

What is new in Social Media Marketing?

The social media marketing thing are not constant instead it is the reason behind changing the trends and that is the thing which keeps all our jobs interesting. Each day social media platforms are releasing new features and improving the existing ones. Social media constantly evolving with plenty of changes and strategies that should be employed in your social strategies, this will assist you stand ahead your competitors.

The popular media / topics within social media marketing are:
•    Facebook
•    Instagram
•    Twitter
•    Pinterest
•    Linkedin
•    YouTube
•    Social Media Marketing How to Guides & more

To gain the competitive edge, you need to pay attention to these social media marketing trends.

•    Live Video Streaming:  Engaging with your audience in real time through video is becoming essential to your strategy. Benefits of video streams are firstly it helps to cultivate your brand but the live video actually connects with your brand in real time which is a more powerful that content. Another benefit is that live video eases the production process.

•    Social Slideshow Ads: And for good reason, these social slideshows are popping more and more in social networks. Social slideshows will help your social audience to interact with your brand in a great way whether it is added for new winter apparels or about an upcoming conference.

•    Instagram Stories: Instagram has taken a step ahead all over snapchat. It’s an all the way to see how our community will use it to highlight their businesses on Instagram. The reaction towards this new Instagram feature was mixed by fetching a page from snapchat’s book and adding story feature at top of the feed but still facebook is a bit better.

•    Social chat: Chart is no longer just used for internal communication, but it's used in a more personalized manner to be more engaged in prospects. As these days people are more interested in actual communications so marketers need to start using chat apps to engage with their potential customers rather than posting.

Be updated with these trends so that you can be ahead of your competitors and also increase visibility and better brand awareness. For more information please do contact us.

Monday, 7 November 2016

Website Design for Event Management

Whether its festival, conference, wedding, or sporting event, people seek for the experts to get work done within time.  Accordingly, it has become a trending business throughout the world, thus getting a website could even be the best idea.

Major Aspects that event management website should have?
-Communicate what, where and when clearly
-Let site visitors know exactly how to get a ticket
-Use imagery, fonts, copy, colors and more that match the event

How can Ultimez help you in this?

Ultimez as the Best Web Design Company Bangalore, tend to provide a perfect website which adds amplified visibility to your business. Further, we provide an effective direction to take into creating impact and garnering attention to the event.
 Meanwhile, we keep it simple; a modern presentation has the feel of an invitation and still provides all the necessary information you’d need to make the decision of conducting the event. Our website will help you to know how far away the event is organized as we provide clean, intuitive presentation makes finding out more about the event that much easier.

Ultimez is technically-advanced towards the design and development industries. The designers and developers here take things up the notch. Our website provides a good indication of what’s to come and relies on the earthy, organic theme to convey the message about the event. In a logical manner, we help you to identify the who, what, when, and where the event.

We at ULTIMEZ TECHNOLOGY will look into each and every aspect of your business. Be it the restaurant, Education, Wedding planner, Real Estate or any other, we build everyone’s website creatively, effectively and professionally.

For further reference, you can visit our company portfolio

Monday, 17 October 2016

Types of color you should avoid using in web designing

Interactive and appealing Web Designing is the most important aspect of a website.  Colors in designing of the website make a great impact on the user’s prospective of looking at the site and how professional the website can offer the expected as well as satisfactory service. You should be careful while using the colors for the web designing because the fact is that the color is the great tool to grab the attention of the user, providing the visual interest and creating the disparity for readability.

Following are the types of color you should avoid using in designing of the website.

Neon colors can be enjoyable, spunky and add a lot of pop to a design. Unfortunately, they are extremely hard on the eyes, giving users that “tired up” feeling where everything hurts when they look at his type of images. Because of bright image user cannot properly see his website, so you should avoid using these type of image.

Vibrating colors:
When highly saturated colors are paired, they can create a vibrating effect where colors seem to almost move in a blur or glowing motion. You should not use these types of colors on your website, avoid these colors. It should be spoiling your website.

Light on light:
This is a most common mistake that happens all of the time. Maybe you don’t have knowledge of color combination, you should hire the best designer who can create the unique and smart images for the website, and then the customer can automatically attract the website.

Dark on Dark
As same light on light, the combination of similar colors will create issues. If your intension is to use the multiple bright colors, consider using it in a scrolling site. With this, you can maintain the usability and readability.

The main reason you should avoid using this is the lack of readability and contrast. Ensure that you are creating the distinguish image in the minds of the audience using interactive and appealing colors.

Note: Get the complete guide on the Pscychology of color for impactful website take the help of the professional designers who could help you with the same and furthermore assists you grab the great attention of the users. Ultimez Technology knows what it takes to build the strong base for reaching out the large group of people.

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Monday, 10 October 2016

Immediate PHP Developer Job Opening at Ultimez

Looking for PHP Developer Job? look no other- ultimez Technology the Leading Web Design Company Bangalore has an immediate opening for the talented and innovative web developers. Candidates can walk-in for the interview or can contact directly for more details at given address. 

Vacancy: 01-Immediate Opening.
Location: Hubli.

Job Description:
We are looking for a PHP developer who is dedicated to his crafts. The developer should have PHP knowledge to a high standard, in a timely and scalable way that improves the code-base of our products in meaningful ways.
You will be a part of a creative team that is responsible for all aspects of the ongoing software development from the initial specification, through to developing, testing and launch.

·         Be responsible and open to learn and teach
·         Keep updated with the latest change in your industry standards.
·         Strong coding skills with good analytical and problem-solving skills.

·         Qualification: Diploma/Bachelor’s/Masters from a recognized university suitable for the profile.
·         1 to 3 years experience and proven track record.
·         Expertise in PHP, the fully synchronous behavior  of PHP.
·         Expertise in OOPS concepts, Web development Concepts, and MVC.
·         Good working experience in the least one web development framework or CMS like Laravel, CodeIgniter, Yii, Zend Framework, CakePHP or Drupal.
·         Proficient MySQL knowledge,creating database schemas that represent and support the business process.
·         Good working experience in JavaScript with fluency in one or more JS libraries like Jquery, MooTools.
·         Good working experience in HTML5/CSS3.
    Contact Details:

Tuesday, 27 September 2016

Professional Web Development Company in Hubli

Providing perfect web solutions, Ultimez Technology is the Professional Web Development Company in Hubli. We offer the cost effective web and digital solutions for every business that perfectly meet the expectation of their visitors. 

We as the creative web designers in Hubli, create the eye catching websites that engage visitors and converts them into prospective customers. Our main motto is to ensure that your business is growing each day with the website built professionally by our developers.

Ultimez Technology work closely with your specific requirements and deliver those solution that delight both you and your audience. As the best Web design Company in Hubli, we determine that website we built are attractive, responsive, easily accessible and enhancing your sales. Furthermore, we are the team of skilled website designers, digital professionals and graphic expertise who work closely with client’s requirement and take approach to understand your market proposition.

Our Creative Services are
  1. Responsive Web Design
  2. Website Development
  3. Ecommerce design and development
  4. CMS and Web applications
  5. Graphic and Logo Designing
  6. Digital Web Solutions
  7. SEO/ SMO / Online marketing

We build stunning, valuable and worth to investment websites that work for your business.Being the Professional Web Development Company in Hubli, we ensure that you receive more than you invested with us. We build stunning, valuable and worth to investment website.